Filovirus species-specificity of IgG antibodies detected in orangutan sera.

Serum samples diluted 1∶100 were tested for IgG antibodies reacting with soluble GP antigens in ELISA (A) and with GP, NP, and VP40 in Western blotting (B). Representative data for ZEBOV (#307), SEBOV (#116), CIEBOV (#340), BEBOV (#304), REBOV (#182), MARV (#106), and multiple (#214) GP-positive samples are shown. Asterisks indicate significantly higher OD values determined by the Smirnov-Grubbs rejection test (P < 0.01). VLPs consisting of GP, NP, and VP40 were used for Western blotting, and rabbit and mouse antisera or mouse monoclonal antibodies ZGP43/3.7 and AGP127-8 was used as positive controls as described in Materials and Methods. 1, ZEBOV; 2, SEBOV; 3, CIEBOV; 4, BEBOV; 5, REBOV; 6, MARV; 7, negative control.