Fate map of the 3–11 SS caudal foregut endoderm.

A–C. Fate maps summarizing the results obtained from DiI labeling the endoderm of individual 3–5 SS (A) 6–8 SS (B) and 9–11 SS (C) embryos and culturing through ∼9.5 dpc. Each shape represents the position and size of the DiI labeled endoderm from a single embryo at the stage indicated by each map. The color indicates which organ bud those labeled cells contributed to at the end of culture. DiI labeled cells that contributed to the dorsal pancreas bud are colored blue, those that contributed to the ventral pancreas bud are yellow, contributors to the liver bud are red while groups of cells which gave rise solely to gut tube are in white. Because multiple embryos were often labeled in similar domains, the color of each shape is transparent and thus darker shades of a color indicate overlapping labeled endoderm that gave rise to the same bud. Labeled groups of cells that gave rise to 2 organ buds are bi-colored and each color placed in the presumptive half that gave rise to the indicated organ. For ease of view, all the data points that gave rise to gut tube alone were placed on top of any colored shapes. A simple compass indicating the embryonic axis is provided. The orientation of the axis is preserved in all fate map cartoons (Figures 2,3,5 and Figure S1).



CC BY 4.0