FZT diversity and prevalence in fish from small-scale farms in Nam Dinh, Vietnam.

a<p>Nf: Number of specific fish species, %: percentage of each fish species.</p>b<p>N<sub>FZT</sub> is number of FZT infected fish; N is number of fish,%: prevalence of FZT in each fish species.</p>c<p><i>Cs</i> is <i>Clonorchis sinensis</i>; <i>Ht</i> is <i>Haplochis taichui</i>; <i>Hp</i> is <i>H. pumilio</i>; <i>Hy</i> is <i>H. yokogawai</i>; <i>Pr</i> is <i>Procerovum varium</i>; <i>Ce</i> is <i>Centrocestus formosanus</i>.</p>