<i>FBXO32</i> expression in different tissues, different breeds, DF-1 cells and the up/down-regulation of growth-related genes.

<p>A: The mRNA level of <i>FBXO32</i> in different tissues in XH chickens. Cer: cerebrum, Ceb: cerebellum, Hyp: hypothalamus, Pit: pituitary, Sbf: subcutaneous fat, Abd: abdominal fat, Brm: breast muscle, Lem: leg muscle, Hea: heart, Liv: liver, Lun: lung, Kid: kidney, Giz: gizzard, Stg: stomachus glandularis. The horizontal axis indicated different tissues, while the vertical axis indicated 2<sup>-ΔΔCt</sup> value. B: The expression difference of <i>FBXO32</i> between XH and WRR. C: Relative expression of <i>FBXO32</i> in DF-1 cells transfected with different siRNAs. The x-axis described siRNAs and the y-axis showed the relative expression of <i>FBXO32</i>. D: The relative expression changes of growth related genes in DF-1 transfected with siRNA002 at 50 nM. **and*indicated P < 0.01 and P < 0.05, respectively.</p>