FACS analysis and isolation of SSEA3-positive and SSEA3-negative primary adult human fibroblasts.

(A) Immunocytochemical analysis for SSEA3 expression in eight additional primary adult dermal human fibroblast (HUF) lines. DAPI staining in blue. (B) Histogram of FACS analyzed HUF1 cells following live binding of SSEA3/488 antibody complex and gating for SSEA3-positive (top 10%) and SSEA3-negative (bottom 10%) populations. (C) Detection of SSEA3/488 fluorescence signal in FACS sorted SSEA3-positive and SSEA3-negative populations following overnight adherence. (A & C) SSEA3 staining in green. Scale bars represent 100 microns.



CC BY 4.0