Expression of wildtype growth plate zone gene signatures in <i>ColX</i><sup><i>N617K</i></sup>, <i>Xbp1</i><sup><i>CartΔEx2</i></sup>, and <i>C/X</i> hypertrophic zones.

<p>Heatmaps depicting the relative fold difference (log fold change) of microarray probes representing <i>(A)</i> 773 wildtype (<i>Wt</i>) proliferative zone signature genes and <i>(B)</i> 510 <i>Wt</i> hypertrophic zone signature genes following the comparison of <i>C/X</i> versus <i>Xbp1</i><sup><i>CartΔEx2</i></sup>, <i>ColX</i><sup><i>N617K</i></sup> versus <i>Wt</i>, and <i>Xbp1</i><sup><i>CartΔEx2</i></sup> versus <i>Wt</i> hypertrophic zones; N = 3. For both heatmaps, each <i>Wt</i> growth plate zone signature gene is represented by a single bar, colour-coded according to relative expression as indicated, with up-regulated probes coloured yellow, and down-regulated probes coloured red.</p>