Expression of cholesterogenic enzymes at 15 week of age.

<p>The Taqman qPCR assay was used to measure the mRNA expression of the cholesterogenic enzymes in the cortex of 15 week old wild type (WT), <i>Sirt2</i>HET (HET), <i>Sirt2</i>KO (KO), R6/2, <i>Sirt2</i>HETxR6/2 (R6/2 HET) and <i>Sirt2</i>KOxR6/2 (R6/2 KO) mice. Values were normalised to the housekeeping genes <i>Atp5b</i> and <i>Canx</i> and expressed as fold change of WT ± SEM. n≥7/genotype.</p>