Expression analysis of <i>EcbHLH57</i> in finger millet under different stress conditions.

<p>A) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of <i>EcbHLH57</i> in finger millet plants subjected to drought stress of 80%, 60%, 40% FC and in seedlings treated with B) ABA (10 μM), C) PEG 6000 (-12 bars), D) NaCl (300 mM) and E) MV (10 μM) at different time points. Total RNA was isolated and cDNA prepared was used for quantitative RT-PCR analysis. <i>Actin</i> was used as internal control. Data represent mean of three replications (n = 3) and bars indicate standard error of mean. The lowercase letters that are different indicate significant difference (Duncan’s multiple range test, P<0.05) between treatment conditions.</p>