Establisment of the model of peanut-induced allergic esophagus-gastro-enteropathy by histological and RT-qPCR analyses.

Microscopic analysis of eosinophils at 100× in the esophagus of naive (A) and sensitized (B) mice. Most eosinophils (arrows) are located in the lamina propia, submucosa, and epithelial layer of the sensitized group. (C) Measurement of eosinophil infiltration in the esophagus at 40×; the results are expressed as number of eosinophils per mm2 (means ± SD). Cytokine mRNA from esophagus segments was assayed by RT-qPCR. The relative levels of gene expression were calculated by reference to the mRNA levels of SDHA and β-actin in each sample. (D) IL-5, (E) eotaxin, (F) IL-13. Jejunum segments collected and analyzed by microscopy after HES coloration (×40); inflammatory infiltration, particularly of eosinophils is shown in (G). Measurement of the ratio of villous height to crypt depth for each group of 10 mice at 10×. Results are expressed as means ± SD (H). N: naïve mice, S: sensitized mice.* p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.