Electrophysiological effects of Ca<sub>v</sub>1.2α<sub>1C</sub> overexpression in mouse ventricular myocytes.

<p>(A) Averaged peak current-voltage relationships demonstrate significant increase of <i>I</i><sub>Ca,L</sub> density at multiple depolarizing pulses in NFTG and FTG compared with NTG cardiomyocytes. The voltage protocol used to record <i>I</i><sub>Ca,L</sub> is shown in the inset. (B) Inactivation time constants (τ<sub>fast</sub> and τ<sub>slow</sub>) were determined from <i>I</i><sub>Ca,L</sub> traces depolarized to +10 mV fitted by double exponential equation: Y = Y<sub>min</sub>+ A<sub>1</sub>×[1−exp(−t/τ<sub>fast</sub>)] + A<sub>2</sub>×[1−exp(−t/τ<sub>slow</sub>)], where Y is the fraction of recovery, A<sub>1</sub> and A<sub>2</sub> are the maximum values of the fast and slow component, and τ<sub>fast</sub> and τ<sub>slow</sub> are the time constants, respectively.</p>



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