Electrophysiological effects of Cav1.2α1C overexpression in mouse ventricular myocytes.

(A) Averaged peak current-voltage relationships demonstrate significant increase of ICa,L density at multiple depolarizing pulses in NFTG and FTG compared with NTG cardiomyocytes. The voltage protocol used to record ICa,L is shown in the inset. (B) Inactivation time constants (τfast and τslow) were determined from ICa,L traces depolarized to +10 mV fitted by double exponential equation: Y = Ymin+ A1×[1−exp(−t/τfast)] + A2×[1−exp(−t/τslow)], where Y is the fraction of recovery, A1 and A2 are the maximum values of the fast and slow component, and τfast and τslow are the time constants, respectively.



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