Effects of IL-13 deficiency in DSS-induced colitis.

<p>WT and IL-13−/− mice were administered 5% DSS in drinking water to induce colitis. Control mice received water without DSS. (A) Colonic IL-13 levels in WT mice with or without DSS. (B) Disease activity index (DAI). (C) Macroscopic damage score in DSS-induced colitis on day 5 after DSS induced colitis and in mice without colitis. (D) Histological damage assessment on day 5 post-DSS administration. (i) And (ii) Light micrograph of H&E-stained colonic section. DAI data represented as mean ± SEM from 5 mice per group; *represents statistical significance where p<0.05; <sup>#</sup> significantly lower disease activity in IL-13−/− mice receiving DSS compared to WT mice receiving DSS.</p>