Effects of CYSKT on the levels of HbA1c and blood glucose in type 2 diabetic mice.

<p>Type 2 diabetic mice were administered orally 200 mg/kg CYSKT for 30 consecutive days. Blood samples were collected every 10 days and measured for HbA1c levels (A) and fasting blood glucose levels (B). Glucose tolerance test was performed on 30th day after CYSKT administration. Mice were fasted for 4 h, glucose (1 g/kg) was injected intraperitoneally, and the blood glucose levels at intervals were measured (C). Values are mean ± SD (<i>n</i> = 5). *<i>p</i><0.05, **<i>p</i><0.01, ***<i>p</i><0.001, compared with mock.</p>