Effect of SDS on hyaluronidase activity in SGE of <i>Culex quinquefasciatus</i>.

<p>Activity of hyaluronidase was tested by dot method on polyacrylamide gel with incorporated 0.002% hyaluronan and 0.001% SDS. Protein content per 2 µl dot is indicated in brackets. Sh = sheep testicular hyaluronidase (2 µg), Pp = <i>Phlebotomus papatasi</i> SGE (0.8 µg), Cq1 = <i>Culex quinquefasciatus</i> SGE (1.6 µg), Cq2 = <i>Culex quinquefasciatus</i> SGE (3.2 µg).</p>



CC BY 4.0