ERG response from untreated Line 1 P23H-R transgenic animals (n = 5, pattern or dashed lines in all panels) and those treated with curcumin at 100 mg/kg body weight dose (n = 13. Solid lines/bars in all panels).

(A) The treated animals have improved scotopic A and B-wave amplitudes and improved (B) photopic B-wave amplitudes across all intensities compared to untreated rats. (C) The amplitude latencies remain unchanged in untreated rats suggesting no appreciable change in photoreceptor function. While A and B-wave amplitudes are clearly improved in the treated animals, a statistically significant (students t-test p<0.05) difference is observed in the maximum scotopic and photopic B-wave amplitudes of treated rats when compared to untreated P23H-R transgenic controls (D).