Duplication of 5q35.1 impacting <i>SLIT3</i> observed in 5 unrelated MDD cases.

<p>The coverage of SNPs on the Perlegen 600 K array is shown across the 5q35.1 locus with vertical blue lines. There are 198 SNPs within the duplication call boundaries shown as green rectangles for the 5 MDD cases with sample IDs listed to the left. Depression control, Psoriasis, and ADHD GAIN Perlegen 600 K sample sets are shown to not have CNV calls of the large size observed in MDD cases. All calls generated are shown for completeness of observation. Very small calls of 1.8 kb and less are observed in this region which is dissimilar from the case calls. The genes SLIT3, CCDC99, and DOCK2 are shown to have exons impacted by the duplication. Finally, the Database of Genomic Variants entries are shown which are very small and do not impact exons.</p>



CC BY 4.0