Differential gene expression in virus-transduced prostate cancer cells after 48 h of treatment with HDAC inhibitors.

LNCaP and PC-346C were transduced with Ad[i/PPT-LUC] and then incubated with 3 ng/ml FK228 or 5 mM VPA for 48 h. RNA was extracted, cDNA was produced and gene expression was evaluated by quantitative PCR (triplicate samples). Gene expression in FK228 and VPA-treated cells was related to untreated cells. A two-fold difference in gene expression was set as a limit for true difference. The expression of prostate-associated genes (AR, ARA24, PSA, PSMA, SRD5A1, SRD5A2 and TARP) was not considerably affected by the HDACi. The expression of neuroendocrine-associated genes (β-tubIII, CgA, NSE and SYP) was increased in HDACi-treated cells.