Different binding site selection of Sp1/Sp3 and Sp2 in MEFs.

<p>Binding sites of Sp1 and Sp3 in MEFs were determined by ChIP-seq. (A) Venn diagrams showing the overlap of Sp1 or Sp3 peaks obtained with two different antibodies for each factor. (B) Venn diagrams showing the overlap of Sp1 and Sp3 peaks. 3597 overlapping peaks were obtained with all four antibodies. (C) Distribution of Sp1/Sp3 binding sites in MEFs relative to annotated genes (TSS, +/- 500 bp). (D) Overlap of high-confidence Sp1/Sp3 and Sp2 binding sites. (E) Representative genome browser snapshots of promoters bound by all three Sp factors (left), by Sp1 and Sp3 but not by Sp2 (middle), or exclusively by Sp2 (right) in wild type (wt), <i>Sp2ko</i> and <i>Sp3ko</i> MEFs. (F) ChIP-qPCR validation experiments using Sp1_Ab1, Sp2_Ab1 and Sp3_Ab1. Percent of input values represent the mean of at least three independent experiments +/- SD.</p>