Deviation from the mean PUE for haplotype groups within the <i>indica</i> subpopulation.

<p>Labels on the x-axis (---,-+-, etc.) refer to having the negative or positive haplotype at each of the QTLs on chromosomes 1 (7.2Mb), 4 (17.8Mb) and 12 (26.6Mb), in that order (see <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 3</a>). Accessions in the ‘+++’ group include ‘Mudgo’, ‘Short Grain’ and ‘Yodanya’ while the ‘---‘ group are mostly older ‘modern’ varieties (IR8, Taichung Native, Teqing, Zhenshan2). The successful second generation green revolution varieties ‘IR36’ and ‘IR64’ belong to the ‘-+-’ group.</p>