Description of 3 national household surveys of the non-institutionalized population of the United States used in meta-analysis.

<p>* Interview method is for the sexual and drug use behavior questions.</p><p><sup>†</sup> Question wording includes all questions used to determine heterosexual (ever had sex with opposite sex partner, did not ever inject drugs, did not ever have sex with same-sex partner [males]). Note that for NSFG the questions on injection drug use were not used.</p><p><sup>§</sup> Analyses were limited to those aged 18–69 years to match the upper age limit of NHANES.</p><p><sup>¶</sup> Data were available for respondents aged 14–69 years. Analyses were limited to those aged 15–69 years to match the lower age limit of NSFG.</p><p>CAPI = Computer-Assisted Personal Interview; ACASI = Audio, Computer-Assisted Self Interview</p>