Deregulation of the mitochondrial pathway in the OPMD <i>Drosophila</i> model.

<p>A) Number of deregulated genes in the transcriptome of PABPN1-17ala-expressing muscles using microarrays. B) Venn’s diagram of overlapping down-regulated genes at days 2, 6 and 11. C) GO term enrichment in down-regulated genes in PABPN1-17ala-expressing muscles. D) Number of nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial respiratory chain complex subunits down-regulated in PABPN1-17ala-expressing muscles. E) Quantification of levels of mRNAs encoding mitochondrial respiratory chain subunits of complexes I and II in control and PABPN1-17ala-expressing muscles at day 2, using RT-qPCR. mRNA levels were normalized to <i>sop</i> mRNA. Similar results were obtained when normalization was with <i>Cpr100A</i> mRNA which is expressed in thorax cuticle. Means are from three biological replicates, error bars represent standard deviation. * <i>p</i>-value <0.05, *** <i>p</i>-value <0.001, ns: not significant, using the Student’s t-Test.</p>