Depletion of p68 reduces AR and β-Catenin recruitment to promoter regions of androgen responsive genes.

LNCaP cells transfected with p68 or control (NS) siRNA, treated with 10 nM R1881 for 90 minutes and immunoprecipitated with either AR A. B. C. & D. or β-Catenin E. F. G. & H. antibodies (including a IgG control antibody). Recovered material was processed by ChIP assay and recruitment to PSA ARE I (A & E), ARE III (B & F), KLK2 (C & G) & TMPRSS2 (D & H) promoter regions assessed relative to 0 minute time point. p68 depletion in LNCaP cells showed reduced AR & β-Catenin recruitment after treatment with 10 nM R1881 for 90 minutes to all regions assessed compared to control (NS) siRNA cells. Results shown represent n = 3 independent experiments (+/− SD). The independent sample t test was used to compare differences in expression levels and show significance.