Depletion of p68 reduces AR and β-Catenin recruitment to promoter regions of androgen responsive genes.

<p>LNCaP cells transfected with p68 or control (NS) siRNA, treated with 10 nM R1881 for 90 minutes and immunoprecipitated with either AR <b>A. B. </b><b>C. & D.</b> or β-Catenin <b>E. F. G. & H.</b> antibodies (including a IgG control antibody). Recovered material was processed by ChIP assay and recruitment to <i>PSA</i> ARE I (A & E), ARE III (B & F), <i>KLK2</i> (C & G) & <i>TMPRSS2</i> (D & H) promoter regions assessed relative to 0 minute time point. p68 depletion in LNCaP cells showed reduced AR & β-Catenin recruitment after treatment with 10 nM R1881 for 90 minutes to all regions assessed compared to control (NS) siRNA cells. Results shown represent n = 3 independent experiments (+/− SD). The independent sample <i>t</i> test was used to compare differences in expression levels and show significance.</p>