Defective A1 expression in OX40 KO CD8 T cells.

<p>(a) Naive CD8 T cells from wild-type (WT) or OX40-deficient (OX40 KO) OT-I TCR transgenic mice were stimulated <i>in vitro</i> with T-depleted APCs and OVA peptide over time. (b) After 6 days of primary culture, WT or OX40 KO T cells were restimulated with T-depleted APCs and OVA peptide for another 6 days. Data show the percentage T cell recovery, calculated based on assigning the input number of cells in each culture as 100%. Data are mean ± s.d from three experiments (<i>p</i>>0.05). Cell lysates were analyzed by immunoblotting for A1 and β-actin (top). Protein amounts were determined by densitometry and are shown relative to the expression in wild-type T cells transduced with control vector on day 2 or 4 (taken as 1).</p>