#DH2018 and #DH2019 Twitter Archive Counts. Summary Comparative Data Table

2019-07-16T11:17:02Z (GMT) by Ernesto Priego

Summary comparative table in a csv file comparing Twitter metrics for #DH2018 and #DH2019 Twitter archives.

The metrics compared here are the result of a double method of collection as a means to ensure the validity of the collected data. I used a Python script to collect both archives, and then set the parameters as those for archives I collected using TAGS (see Priego 2018).

Even if the collected data still needs to be refined, when the counts are the same or very semilar I get a degree of certainty the data collected via TAGS from the Twitter Search API is close to being as reliable as it could be.

For 2018 and 2019 I managed to get the settings and timings right to achieve what looks like a complete set of #DH2018 and #DH2019 tweets.

In this output I share a comparative table in a CSV file where a summary of the main metrics from both archives can be compared.

As indicated in the table, it must be noted that there are important differences in mainly a) the number of days before and after the conference days included in the archive and b) the number of days each conference was held on according to their respective web pages / programmes.