Construction process.

<p>This example illustrates the execution of the third (and last) gene of the genome shown in <a href="" target="_blank">Table 1</a>. (a) The initial configuration shows the state after construction of the first two genes, i.e. a passive element is fixed onto an active module (labeled as structure) and a second active element is prepared. (b-c) Rotation of the structure by -90° around the z-axis and 90° around y. (d) Rotation of the new element by -90° around y. (e-f) HMA is applied to the structure and the module is connected on top of the structure according to the position offset parameters Δx and Δy. (g) An end-rotation of the whole agent by 90° around the y-axis is performed. (h) The motor control parameters are assigned to the active elements and the agent can be evaluated.</p>