Confirmation of PU.1 binding to FPR1 promoter by EMSA.

2011-12-09T01:30:49Z (GMT) by Heini M. Miettinen

A. The following oligonucleotide dimers were used in the binding assays: gp91phox with a known PU.1 binding site (positive control); FPR1 with a putative PU.1 binding site; two FPR1 oligodimers with nucleotide substitutions (underlined) in the putative binding site. B. In vitro synthesized 35S-PU.1 was incubated with or without gp91phox and FPR1 wild-type and mutant oligonucleotide dimers, as shown. C. Dose-dependence of 35S-PU.1binding was shown using 10–200 ng of gp91phox and FPR1 oligodimers.