Comparison of the performance of the non-fitting strategies as a function of the total number of photons for three distinct fractions of interacting donor <i>f<sub>D</sub></i>: 0.25 (A), 0.5 (B) and 0.75 (C).

<p>The polar approach is indicated in black, the moments method in blue and the <i>mf<sub>D</sub></i> in red. For all methods, we have reported the estimated <i>f<sub>D</sub></i> and the estimated <i>mf<sub>D</sub></i> value in the left part of the figure. The estimated donor lifetime in presence of the acceptor <i>τ<sub>F,</sub></i> and the estimated mean lifetime <<i>τ</i>> are reported in the right part. In all cases, medians are indicated with markers and error bars correspond to the interquartile ranges of 4096 simulated histograms whose parameters are: <i>τ<sub>F</sub></i> = 1.5 ns, <i>τ<sub>D</sub></i> = 2.5 ns and <i>N<sub>ch</sub></i> = 64 channels (TCSPC simulations) and the simulated values are indicated in dotted lines.</p>