Comparison of prevention of neurodegeneration in the brain of <i>APP</i>-transgenic flies by apoE-mimetics after injection and feeding.

<p>The degenerated area was calculated as described in <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and Methods</a> at day 30. Six brains were analyzed for each genotype. Statistical analysis was performed using one-way ANOVA and Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison post hoc test. Significance was accepted at p<0.05. Results showing statistically significant decrease of neurodegeneration in comparison with control are shown in bold font. Flies were cultured on standard fly food containing tested peptides, which were added every day at concentrations of: 11.47 µM COG1112, 11.71 µM Antp, and 3.72 µM Antp-SH8.</p><p>0.1 µl injections of 11.74 µM COG133, 11.47 µM COG112, and 11.71 µM Antp into the abdomen where performed every 4 days starting from day 2. All scores expressed as mean±SEM (n = 6).</p>