Community level results of multilevel logistic model for the outcome of modern contraceptive use, domains of community demographics and fertility norms and community economic prosperity.

2013-02-20T02:17:54Z (GMT) by K. Miriam Elfstrom Rob Stephenson
<p>Values reported as adjusted odds ratio (95% CI)*†.</p>*<p>Models controlled for the following individual and household level factors: age, age at marriage, partner age difference, number of living children, death of a child, gender composition of children, religion, residence, wealth, employment, education (respondent and partner), violence index, decision-making autonomy index, HIV knowledge index, reproductive health knowledge index, media exposure index.</p>†<p>Bolded figures are significant at 0.05 level.</p>**<p>Information on age at first intercourse not collected in the 2008 Egypt DHS – Women’s Questionnaire.</p>