(Color online) The average degree 〈<i>k</i><sub><i>U</i></sub>〉, scaling exponent 〈<i>η</i>〉, reputation 〈<i>μ</i>〉 of two divided user groups with different parameter <i>q</i> for (a,c,e) MovieLens and (b,d,f) Netflix data sets, in which the parameter <i>θ</i> is set to 0.3 and 0.6, respectively.

<p>One can find that the average 〈<i>k</i><sub><i>u</i></sub>〉, 〈<i>η</i>〉 and 〈<i>μ</i>〉 of high perceptibility users are larger than those of the other users with different parameter <i>q</i> for two empirical data sets, which indicates that high perceptibility users show different collective behavior patterns than the other users: Larger activity, stronger correlation of rating series and higher reputation.</p>