Chronic pressure overload-induced mortality and cardiac hypertrophy.

<p>(A) The survival rate was significantly higher in CYP2J2-TG (15 out of 16 animals survived over 8 weeks after TAC operation) compared with WT mice (11/19); Log rank-test <sup>‡</sup>p<0.05. None of the sham operated WT (n = 17) or CYP2J2-TG mice (n = 11) died over the same period. (B) TAC-induced left ventricular hypertrophy was gradually ameliorated in CYP2J2-TG compared with WT mice. The difference was significant 8 weeks after TAC (13.1±0.8 vs. 15.1±0.8 mg/mm in 15 CYP2J2-TG vs. 11 WT mice). (C) Myocyte area significantly increased in both WT and CYP2J2-TG mice. (D) Systolic function was significantly decreased in both animal groups two weeks after TAC compared to the sham controls. Eight weeks after TAC, CYP2J2-TG mice (n = 15) showed significantly higher EF values (20.4±2.8 vs. 10.7±1.9%) than WT littermates (n = 11). Results represent mean±SEM; ANOVA, Post-Hoc Tukey; *p<0.05 vs. WT+Sham; <sup>†</sup>p<0.05 vs. CYP+Sham; <sup>‡</sup>p<0.05 vs. WT+TAC.</p>