Characterization of Mct1 expression patterns in cells transfected with full length and deletion mCherry-Mct1 expression constructs.

A. Protein motifs in the C and N termini of Mct1 that could be involved in controlling its localization to vesicles include (in red); type 1 and 4 WW ligands, an AP2 clathrin interaction site, a PDZ ligand, a hydrophobic N terminus, a charged C terminus (+ and −), lysine residues (shown in green), and numerous phosphorylation sites (PO4). B. Confocal micrographs showed a similar appearance of Mct1 vesicles among cells expressing FL, XC, and XN mCherry-Mct1. C. An epi-fluorescence micrograph of an RBE4 cell expressing the C-terminus of Mct1 with mCherry fused to its amino terminus.