Characterization of <i>MKS1</i> Ds-insertion line (GT.108403).

<p>(<b>A</b>) RT-PCR analysis of <i>MKS1</i> transcript in L<i>er</i> and <i>mks1</i> mutant. <i>ACTIN7</i> is used as control. Lane M is a 100 bp marker. (<b>B</b>) Western blot analysis of MKS1 protein in <i>mks1</i> mutant. 35S:<i>MKS1</i> is used as positive control. Non-specific bands serve as loading control. (<b>C</b>) <i>mks1</i> can partially rescue the dwarf phenotype of <i>mpk4.</i> Three week-old plants with the indicated genotypes were grown under short-day conditions.</p>




CC BY 4.0