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Challenge study design (Phase II).

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posted on 08.04.2015, 04:12 by Sundaram A. Vishwanathan, Monica R. Morris, Richard J. Wolitski, Wei Luo, Charles E. Rose, Dianna M. Blau, Theodros Tsegaye, Sherif R. Zaki, David A. Garber, Leecresia T. Jenkins, Tara C. Henning, Dorothy L. Patton, R. Michael Hendry, Janet M. McNicholl, Ellen N. Kersh

Lubricant was applied non-traumatically for three weeks, on two consecutive days per week. The animal was challenged with SHIVSF162p3 30 minutes after the sixth lubricant application (open triangle). To check for plasma viremia and virus shedding, samples were collected for at least 2 weeks post-peak viremia. Not shown are baseline blood draws that were performed before the first lubricant application to ensure that the animal is not infected.