Cell proliferation in the crypt.

2014-04-22T09:40:20Z (GMT) by Evgeny Makarev Marat Gorivodsky
<p>Cell proliferation is evaluated with antibodies for Ki-67 antigen. Cells expressing Ldb1 (a–c) and Isl1 (d–f) are negatively stained by Ki-67 proliferation marker. <b>a</b>. Ldb1-expressing cells (green); <b>b</b>. Ki-67-expressing proliferative cells (red); <b>c</b>. Merge of <b>a</b> and <b>b</b> (x1000). <b>d</b>. Isl1-expressing cells (red); <b>e</b>. Ki-67-expressing cells (green); <b>f</b>. Merge of <b>d</b> and <b>e</b> (x1000). Arrows point on cells expressing either Ldb1 (a, b, c) or Isl1 (d, e, f). Nuclei are counterstained with DAPI (blue).</p>