CD133-LV transduces CD133+ cells in primary GBM xenografts in the mouse brain.

A. Intracranial xenograft tumors were generated using injection of GBML20 cells (5×105 cells/animal) and tumor formation (red circle) was confirmed with small animal MRI 1.5 months after injection. High titer stocks of CD133-LV or VSVG-LV expressing TagBFP were injected into the tumor and animals were sacrificed 7 days later for immunofluorescence analysis. B. CD133-LV - transduced cells expressing TagBFP (red) show cell surface immunoreactivity for CD133 (green). C. CD133+ cells were significantly more enriched among TagBFP+ transduced cells in the case of CD133-LV compared to VSVG-LV.