Brain responses in SI while subjects observe touch to a hand and movements close to a hand ( = PS and PPS) relative to baseline.

<p>A: Results for 1PP revealed activation in left SI for PS events. For PPS events results yielded only minor activation in SI. B: Results for 3PP depict activations in bilateral SI both for PS and PPS conditions. C: Contrast of parameter estimates for activations in left SI (MNI coordinates: −38 −40 52) during PS and PPS conditions relative to baseline. The left two bars show the results for 1PP, the right two bars depict results for 3PP. In the latter, PS as well as PPS events were associated with strong activation in SI, whereas the observation of PPS events revealed even higher activation than the PS condition. The data of the right SI (3PP only) were similar. All results were at p<0.05, FWE corrected, and masked with real touch relative to baseline in order to reveal common activations with somatosensory areas.</p>


CC BY 4.0