BcLTF1 modulates the transcriptional responses to light.

Wild type B05.10 and the Δbcltf1 mutant were grown on solid CM for 52 h in DD; then, cultures were exposed for 60 min to light (+LP) or kept for additional 60 min in darkness (D). Four biological replicates were performed. RNA samples were labeled and hybridized to microarrays with all predicted genes of B. cinerea. Statistical analysis revealed 2,074 differentially expressed genes. Relative expressions of the genes (i.e. log2-normalized intensities scaled by gene) in the four conditions (16 hybridizations) were clustered, and 11 of the 14 theoretically possible expression profiles were found (for more details, see Materials and Methods). This figure represents the centroid views of the 11 expression profiles (x = hybridization and y = log2-normalized intensity scaled by gene). The percentages among the 2,074 genes are indicated for each profile. Genes whose expression is only affected by the deletion of bcltf1 belong to profiles 1 (748 genes) and 2 (791 genes). Profiles 3 (94 genes) and 4 (5 genes) comprise genes whose expression is affected by light in a similar manner in both genomic backgrounds (WT, Δbcltf1). Genes (436) belonging to the other profiles are affected by light treatment and the deletion of bcltf1.