Baseline characteristics of subject.

Note: * present difference of baseline characteristics between individuals with and without CA dysfunction. BMI- Body mass index, WC-waist circumference, SBP- systolic blood pressure, DBP- diastolic blood pressure, FPG- fasting plasma glucose, PBG- plasma blood glucose, FINS- fasting blood insulin, IR-insulin resistance, TC- serum total cholesterol, TG- triglyceride, UA- uric acid, HDL- high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL- low density lipoprotein cholesterol, SCr- serum creatinine, Ccr- creatinine clearance rate, HR-heart rate, TP-total power of variance, LF-low frequency, HF-high frequency, MetS- metabolic syndrome, PH- Hypertension, DM- Diabetes. FPG and DM duration had 5 missing data, respectively. TG and PBG had 2 missing data, respectively. PH duration has 1 missing data.