Averaged transcranial magnetic stimulation-evoked potentials before and after sham theta burst stimulation.

<p>The effects of sham TBS in the participants who received genuine TBS at 80% of resting motor threshold in other sessions are shown on the left; subjects who received theta burst stimulation at 90% of resting motor threshold are shown on the right. <b>A.</b> Grand average pre- and post-stimulation waveforms are shown as recorded at the C3 electrode. B. Topographical distribution of surface voltages for P60, N100 and N180 components of the TEP. Upper maps are pre-treatment, lower maps are post-treatment potentials. C. Grand average pre- and post-treatment potentials at selected electrodes. Blue traces = pre-treatment evoked potentials; red traces = post-treatment evoked potentials; μV = microvolts; msec = milliseconds; TMS = transcranial magnetic stimulation; TBS = theta burst stimulation; RMT = resting motor threshold; TEP = TMS-evoked potential.</p>