Asthmatic HBECs exhibit significantly larger K<sub>Ca</sub>3.1 currents than healthy HBECs.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Current-voltage curves demonstrating that baseline whole cell membrane currents recorded from asthmatic and healthy primary HBECs were similar. (<b>B</b>) The 1-EBIO-dependent (1-EBIO minus baseline) currents recorded from asthmatic HBECs (n = 29 cells from 8 donors) were significantly larger than those from healthy controls (n = 16 cells from 5 donors); *P = 0.006 at +40 mV. (<b>C</b>) Raw 1-EBIO-dependent current trace demonstrating characteristic features of K<sub>Ca</sub>3.1. The voltage protocol is shown inset. The K<sub>Ca</sub>3.1 channel blocker TRAM-34 (200 nM) inhibited currents induced by 1-EBIO in both (<b>D</b>) asthmatic HBECs (n = 19 cells from 8 donors) and (<b>F</b>) healthy HBECs (n = 14 cells from 5 donors). Data are presented as mean ± SEM.</p>