Assays for MAP kinase phosphorylation.

<p>Western blots were conducted with proteins isolated from vegetative hyphae of the wild-type (70-15) and the <i>Momsb2</i> (M6), <i>Mosho1</i> (S72), and <i>Mosho1 Momsb2</i> (MS88) mutant strains. <b>A</b>. The anti-MAPK and anti-TpEY antibodies detected the expression and phosphorylation levels of Pmk1 (42-kD) and Mps1 (46-kD), respectively. <b>B</b>. The 41-kD Osm1 band was detected with both an anti-P38 MAPK antibody and the anti-TpGY antibody.</p>



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