Arrival of the MatP foci and the Z-ring at midcell.

<p>(A) Distribution of ZipA-GFP along the cell length as a function of time for a short Δ<i>slmA</i> Δ<i>min</i> cell (strain WD1). (B) Distribution of MatP-mCherry labeled Ter region for the same cell. In the heat maps blue corresponds to low and red to high intensity. The dashed black line approximately marks midcell. (C) Histogram of time differences between the arrival of MatP (t<sub>MatP</sub>) and ZipA (t<sub>z</sub>) at midcell. The times are expressed in doubling times. (D) Accumulation of ZipA-GFP (blue triangles) and MatP-mCherry (red rectangles) at midcell as a function of time. Each curve represents the average from measurements of 15 cells. Error bars represent standard errors. (E) Distribution of ZipA-GFP and (F) MatP-mCherry in a long Δ<i>slmA</i> Δ<i>min</i> cell.</p>