Anti-asialo GM1 treatment does not alter development of BIPF.

2014-06-12T03:16:24Z (GMT) by Justin Monnier Brian A. Zabel

(A) On day 21 after bleomycin treatment, lungs from control sera or anti-asialo GM1 treated mice were isolated, embedded in formalin, sectioned and stained with Mason's Trichrome for visualization of collagen deposition. Quantification of fibrosis score was performed using the Ashcroft scoring system. Mean ± SEM of n = 5 mice per group. (B) Soluble collagen levels in BAL fluid were measured by Sircol assay from mice treated with saline (SAL), control sera, or anti-asialo-GM1. (C) Lung collagen content was measured in lung homogenates on day 21 post bleomycin administration by hydroxyproline assay, and the amount of hydroyxproline was calculated as a percent of total lung protein. Mean ± SEM of n = 8–10 mice per group.