Anatabine reduces <i>Cox-2</i> and <i>iNOS</i> mRNA expression in brain of Tg PS1/APPswe mice.

<p>The histogram represents quantitative results from RT-qPCR analysis calculated using the Delta-Delta Ct Method. The means ± SEM <i>Cox</i>-2 and <i>iNOS</i> mRNA levels are expressed as relative fold change compared to control (wild-type placebo). ANOVA shows a significant main effect of the treatments on <i>Cox-2</i> and <i>iNOS</i> transcription (P<0.001). Post-hoc analyses reveal a significant difference in <i>Cox</i>-<i>2</i> and <i>iNOS</i> mRNA levels between Tg PS1/APPswe placebo and anatabine treated mice 10 mg/Kg/Day (P<0.02 for <i>iNOS</i>) and 20 mg/Kg/Day (P<0.001 for <i>iNOS</i> and P<0.001 for <i>COX-2</i>).</p>