Analysis of novel IL-17+ cell subsets cells in colo-rectal biopsies from SIV infected nonhuman primates.

Frequencies (%) of CD3, CD8+, NKG2a and the CD3+, CD8+, NKG2a+ subsets of cells in the colo-rectal biopsy tissues from groups of uninfected rhesus macaques, SIV infected rhesus macaques classified as Elite Controllers (EC), those with LVL, IVL and HVL in the left panels. The right panels reflect data on seronegative (Negative) and SIV infected seropositive (Positive) sooty mangabeys. A) Frequencies of the CD3, CD8+, NKG2a subset of NK cells that are IL-17+ B) Frequencies of the parent CD3, CD8+, NKG2a cells from the same specimen. C) Frequencies of CD3+, CD8+, NKG2a+ that are IL-17+ D) Frequencies of the parent CD3+, CD8+, NKG2a+ cells from the same specimen.