Analysis of ROS formation in Wolbachia -infected and uninfected Aa23 cells.

(A) Flow cytometric analysis of Wolbachia –infected and uninfected Aa23 cells using the fluorescent ROS marker carboxy-H2DCFDA. Histograms representative of three replicates are shown. The negative control (shaded) consists of unlabeled cells. Test samples (black lines) include: uninfected Aa23 cells (top panel), uninfected Aa23 cells induced to produce ROS using TBHP (middle panel), and infected Aa23 cells (bottom panel). Carboxy-H2DCFDA positive cells are represented on each histogram. (B) Microscopic analysis of Wolbachia-infected (I) and uninfected (II) Aa23 cells. Hoechst stain was used to label DNA (left panel). Carboxy-H2DCFDA was used to label ROS (right panel). Bar, 10 µm.