Amino acid changes due to described single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) do not impact GS-9620-dependent TLR7 activation.

<p>Fold increase in NF-kB-luciferase reporter activity upon GS-9620 stimulation in Huh7 cells that were transfected with TLR7 or SNPs rs179008 (Q11L), rs55907843 (V222D), or rs5743781 (A448V). Four 2-fold dose titration curves were performed starting at 5µM for GS-9620 (left to right). Bar graphs show fold change in reporter activity relative to DMSO, and error bars represent the mean of triplicate assay conditions and SEM. AUC calculations were performed as discussed for <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 2</a>, above. By the same AUC criteria none of the three assessed TLR7 SNP variants elicited a significantly altered response, relative to TLR7 WT, after GS-9620 stimulation. Representative data are shown from three independent experiments with similar results.</p>