Age-related reduction in Apoe expression in the cortex and CA1 is prevented by running.

(A–B) Representative sections and quantitative analysis of Apoe-hybridized cortex on aging Apoe-/-, aging, aged sedentary (Sd), and aged runner (Rn) mice showing a significant preservation of Apoe expression on runner mice. No hybridization signal with Apoe riboprobe was observed in the Apoe-/- mouse brain. (C–D) Representative sections and quantitative analysis of Apoe expression on aging hippocampal CA1. Down-regulation of Apoe expression in the CA1 region in aging mice is prevented by wheel running. Values in (B and D) are relative mean + SEM to the aging values, n = 6 per group. In (B) *p = 0.0347 and 0.0244, and in (D) **p = 0.0019 and 0.0016 by ANOVA followed by Tukey’s posthoc tests. Scale Bars: 50 μm. The data used to make this figure can be found in S1 Dataset.