Adaptive mutations occur in functionally related loci.

2014-01-09T03:15:18Z (GMT) by Jungeui Hong David Gresham
<p>(A) A small number of loci are mutated in multiple nitrogen-limited environments. Some loci found to be mutated in nitrogen-limiting conditions have also been reported as associated with adaptive evolution in glucose-limited environments (*Wenger, J. et al <a href="" target="_blank">[14]</a>, **Kvitek, D.J. et al <a href="" target="_blank">[13]</a>, ***Gresham, D. et al <a href="" target="_blank">[9]</a>). The color of edges represents the type of allele and the width of the edge represents the frequency of the allele in the population. (B) GO term enrichment analysis of mutated loci within clones and populations, analyzed at different allele frequency thresholds, identified in nitrogen-limited environments shows enrichment for specific cellular functions.</p>