Actin aggregation induced by GdnHCl in low concentrations.

<p>The dependence of ANS fluorescence intensity (<b>A</b>) and of light scattering (<b>B</b>) of the solutions of inactivated actin (red) and initially native actin after 10 min and 24 h of incubation in a solution of denaturants at the appropriate concentration (blue and green) on GdnHCl (closed symbols) and urea (open symbols) concentration. <b>Insert</b> in panel <b>A</b>. Scheme of actin denaturation and aggregation (N, U<sup>*</sup> and I are native, essential unfolded and inactivated actin <a href="" target="_blank">[11]</a>, I<sub>ag</sub> is aggregates of inactivated actin, the details are given in the text). <b>Insert</b> in panel <b>B</b>. The dependence of the total macromolecule charge of actin on the pH of a solution calculated on the basis of protein amino acid content <a href="" target="_blank">[24]</a>. The protein concentration was 0.15 mg/ml, ANS concentration was 5⋅10<sup>−5</sup> M.</p>


CC BY 4.0